Cinema Capitol

Capitol Cinema is a historic, local cinema in Stockholm. Originally built in 1926, the movie theater is a cultural legacy in the neighborhood of Vasastan and loved by many.

Capitol Cinema recognised the need for a modernised online presence to enhance the overall customer experience. The primary objective of this project was to refresh Capitol Cinema's brand identity and overhaul their website and booking system. The aim was to create a digital platform that not only paid homage to the cinema's rich history but also provided a seamless and user-friendly experience for patrons.

To capture the essence of Capitol Cinema's art-deco aesthetics, we undertook a comprehensive brand refresh. This involved the introduction of a new typeface, a palette of vibrant and sophisticated colours, and the incorporation of icons and graphic elements inspired by art-deco design. The intention was to infuse a sense of modernity while preserving the cinematic heritage of the brand.

We conceptualised and built a modular, flexible website that allowed Capitol Cinema to showcase its unique features in a dynamic and visually appealing manner. Our goal was to enhance user engagement and create a compelling online representation of Capitol’s diverse offerings. The website design incorporated various sections, enabling the cinema to curate its content and highlight specific offerings and concepts.

Recognising the diverse age range of Capitol Cinema's target audience (ages 18-80), we prioritised a user-friendly approach for the booking system. The interface featured expandable sections, prominent buttons, color panels, and strong iconography. This ensured that users could effortlessly navigate through the booking process, enhancing the overall accessibility and inclusivity of the cinema experience.

The culmination of the brand refresh and website redesign resulted in a visually stunning and highly functional online platform for Capitol Cinema. The old version of the website featured an outdated interface that did not effectively communicate the unique atmosphere of Capitol Cinema. With its cluttered layout and limited user engagement features, it fell short of capturing the essence of the cinema.

The updated website accurately reflects the unique charm of the cinema, while the user-friendly booking system caters to a broad audience. The modular design allows for easy updates and adaptations, ensuring that Capitol Cinema can continue to evolve its online presence in tandem with its rich history.

Project management and development: Winter Agency