Wills and death are complex topics, and something most people quickly scroll past. And while donating to charity in your will is common practice in the UK and US, it’s a severely under utilised source of funding for non-profits in the Nordics.

Förbundsarenan in Helsingfors wanted to address this gap head-on by launching the first Finland-wide campaign (in Swedish) around giving gifts to charity in wills.

We were tasked with defining the core messaging and visual identity of the campaign. Our approach put empathy and education at the centre of the narrative, empowering donors to make informed decisions by breaking down a complex topic into bite-sized parts.

In addition to crafting a landing page, we also created social media content for Förbundsarenan aimed at possible donors. Moreover, we provided guidance for the thirty-something campaign affiliates in the form of workshops and ad templates for web and print. The workshops were structured around specific design and copywriting how-tos for creating communication materials for will-based funding.

More coming soon!